Adrian von Ziegler

Adrian von Ziegler

Adrian von Ziegler ist ein schweizer Musiker.

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Welcome to the Pack! I'm a composer from Switzerland who creates Celtic Music, Emotional Music, Relaxing Music, Dark Music, Oriental Music, Fantasy Music, Movie Scores, Metal and many other genres. I just want to take a minute here to thank all of you who support me and make it possible that I can call composing my profession, it would have never been possible without you. So thank you from the heart! I also want to tell you that I'm really proud of our community that we have on this channel and the openness to all kinds of music, no matter what style it is. That is quite impressive and I appreciate that enormously. Please direct any business-related offer to Please note that any email NOT marked with a clear music- or business-related title automatically ends in the SPAM-folder. © Copyright of all uploaded music belongs to Adrian von Ziegler. "Music continues to tell a story where words end." ~ quote by Adrian von Ziegler, based on J.W. von Goethe


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862936 Abonnenten
329027536 Videoaufrufe
4391 Likes/video
408 videos
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Derzeit hat Adrian von Ziegler auf YouTube rund 862936 Abonnenten und belegt auf der Basis der Gesamtzahl der Kanalabonnenten den 6. Platz der Schweizer Youtuber-Rangliste. Bisher hat er 408 Videos hochgeladen, die insgesamt rund 329027536 Aufrufe generiert haben. Adrian von Ziegler lädt normalerweise alle 9 Tage ein Video hoch (Durchschnitt) und erhält durchschnittlich Likes und Kommentare pro Video.


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# Datum Abonnenten
6. 09/11 862936
6. 09/05 861826
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# Datum Aufrufe
3. 09/11 329027536
3. 09/05 328360467

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